What is this Airlightrc thingy about?

I want people to build my designs. It’s that simple. I put them out there in the hope of seeing people taking them up and showing how easy they are to build, or telling me about problems or bad flyers.

Problem is, I know myself how difficult it is to find the time to build stuff sometimes, and you want to know that you will be successful, even with an ‘easy’ build. I want to address this, so that people will start to see they can get something worthwhile in a really short time (this is in the most part what the designs are about, they need be quick to layout, cut and build). I try to build as often as I can for the ‘firstbuilds’ album, so that people can see them and get how they go together, but kitting them out is a much more miserable experience for me. I’m not the best or neatest builder, and often don’t know where best to put things. I was sort of hoping that others would have done a few by now and I could follow their lead.

As anyone who looks in regularly might know, I’m much more of a designer, much less a builder, even though I like both. I just get more easy time for the designs, mostly in work breaks, and finding time with a family is sometimes tough, but I’m working on it. This isn’t just about throwing ideas out, I always saw the longer term view that lot’s of people could be enticed into the hobby if they weren’t scared off in the beginning, much as I was (and still am, when I see what others are capable of). My bigger ideas are a long way from fruition, so I stick to getting stuff out there in the hope that someone, soon, will say ‘Hi, I love this stuff, look what I built!’

Sticking with hope.

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