The bigger picture

One day, I would like people to think about Airlightrc when they need to show their kids something interesting on a ‘loose end’ day. I want to make the content here fun and interesting, and unintimidating for anyone wanting to have a go at RC building and flying, or even just get their kids to make a ‘chucker’.

Not that long ago (wait, that’s nearly 3 years now..), I came up with the first designs, and being naive of the hobby, thought I had found something people would respond to. I’m finding out daily that people are very reluctant to come forward if they have been to the site. I get hundreds of vistors a month, lots of file downloads, but zero response. I’m not saying that I demand adulation, thanks or any form of gratitude, I’ve not got any ego over this, but I find it strange that there are people from all over the world (literally, I mean everywhere) who drop in, but not one has a problem, an idea, a grumble or a flyer they love?

I’m adding stuff all the time so that people can dip in and leave with something to play with, but I’m still working on the ‘involvement’ of visitors so that they can leave some kind of feedback, especially to let others know if they have a problem with something, so some kind of ratings will be applied to the files in future, not sure how to do this though.

I’d love to get all the ideas out there now, but I just don’t have the time to finish things to a reasonably presentable level, so for now the designs are all there is. I hope these will continue to get people’s attention, and I await the day when someone stands up and say’s ‘I built this, it’s an Airlight and it flies really well’ :)

For now, Fly and enjoy!


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